Green Town Apartments

Building: Green Town Apartments

Our unique designer nature-themed apartments are located in the heart of the lush green city of Sombor, at Trg Republike 1. A part of the former hotel complex was completely renovated to accommodate five luxury apartment units with future spa center.

The apartments are incorporated into the existing hotel building structure in the spirit of Sombor's greenery and their interior design was inspired by Sombor as a green city. Four apartments are themed by four seasons capturing the beauty of Sombor and its surroundings.

Just entering the apartments through the beautiful yard and passing by the unique sequoia tree and the forest corridor, it feels as if you are entering the playful nature of the Upper Danube.

Apartment Winter awakens the spirit of Sombor in winter, the bells of horse sledges rushing through the surrounding fields and the white roofs of Sombor covered with snow.

Apartment Spring has a lively and fresh feeling, waking up the feelings of enjoyment and cheerful mood. The delightful soft colors are calling for falling in love.

Apartment Summer conjures up the entire greenery of Sombor and its surroundings. It provides a good explanation to the visitor by answering the question of why Sombor is called the Green City.

Apartment Autumn depicts the beauty of Sombor’s surroundings in the most fruitful season.

Four seasons are luxurious 40 square meter one-bedroom apartments with a separate bedroom, modern designed bathroom, heating on fan coil, floor heating, AC and unlimited hot water flow. The apartments offer a spacious bedroom for two and a sofa bed in the living room, where two more adults can be accommodated if need be without any problems.

The most luxurious apartment Redd Poppy (honeymoon) is a 65 square meter apartment that displays the walk of two through the fields of blooming flowers in the fields of Sombor and which arouses the spirit of love and communion.

All apartments, especially Redd Poppy, have beautiful views of the unique park in which passengers are still welcomed by Sombor’s horse carriage drivers.

All apartments have flat-screen TV, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi. Each apartment offers one parking spot in a closed-off parking space.

Staying in Green Town Apartments will make you wish to experience the magical changes of seasons in Sombor, to spend some time in the city and enjoy its culture and surroundings.

Parking Aprovided in the courtyard
Smoking Smoking is not allowed in the apartment
Internet Free wi fi
Breakfast Not included in the price


Trg Republike 1, 25000, Sombor, Serbia

Phone: 069 43 77 11 2